My name is Penny Walloon and I write stories featuring crossdressing.

They're fun fantasises, set in the real world. All of these are stories that could happen, if the situation fell just right.

My stories are split between those just for adults, as they're far too naughty for younger readers, and those I call family stories, which can be read by anyone and definitely do not include any sex.

I've always been fascinated by the close similarities between genders, and how crossdressing can blur the lines from one to another. Sometimes, it can be fun to try out being the opposite way to how you're expected, and when that change can be as simple as a change of clothes and some careful styling, it's easy to try being another version of yourself for a while. Society still has a way to go until everyone accepts people's differences, until it can, we can have fantasises about situations that transform people. On this site you'll find a few of mine.

My most recent & popular ebooks for adults only:

A Meal with Her Family A Lockdown Transformation Becoming a Maid for the Night His Halloween in Her Dress

My most recent & popular ebooks for any age:

Playing Shop with My Son The Double-Dip Halloween The Lockdown Fashion Show Cover of His School Day in a Skirt!

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