My family crossdressing stories are friendly ones, I don't tend to write about forced situations, but ones where acceptance of a boy's more feminine side is realised gradually and while there might be some reluctance, they are eased over it. They're about young crossdressers who are in situations which have a strong dose of reality in them, rather than completely fantastic settings.

Playing Shop with My Son
2 x ★★★★★
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Playing Shop with my Son

When Annette hears from a friend that her young son Carl looks cute in his friend's dress she wants to see how he looks for herself, so re-lives his game in a real shop for some fun, picking a delightful party dress. Once she sees how cute her son is as a girl, she doesn't want him to change back and gently encourages him to keep the dress on for fun while they complete their shopping and she gathers some more girly items.

Once he's over his initial nerves, Carl starts to relax and enjoy wearing the outfit. Annette feels a little guilty about pushing him towards femininity, but not enough to stop her dressing him up again for an extra day of mother and daughter time.

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